Sitting in her living room, looking through the MacBook screen out into the whole entire world…and she speaks.

Well, this is it.

This. Is. IT.

I don’t really expect many people to read this blog. Actually, a big part of me hopes no one does. It’s the reason I’m doing this with no attempt at fanfare; I’m going to be totally upfront in these (web) pages and things will come up that I’ve never told anyone. What if my family ever read it? Awkward…

Why, then, write things and post them on the internet? I guess I have a lot to say, and not a lot of people to say things to. I don’t have many friends; really it’s just Matt (he’s definitely my best friend, and if there’s anyone out there who won’t be surprised by anything that finds its way onto these pages, it’ll be him), and my best friend from school – Nick. And when I say school, I mean PRE-school. Yup, 23 years stuck with me and he’s still hanging around. He’s obviously just as crazy as I am.

I guess I’d just like people to relate to. In my real world, face to face experience, not many people have had the experiences I have, and some of them are the kind of experiences that, if people did have them, they’re not really going to want to talk about them anyway. There’s a lot of people out there, and while I never entered into this expecting or hoping to go viral, if I can reach just one person who relates to something about me…I just think that’s be pretty cool.

Also, and least importantly to me, I see a psychologist, and she’s always getting me to write hypothetical lists and letters and thoughts. Why not put those things out there and see what the world thinks of who I really am? I know I’ll probably get a lot of hate (unfortunately, and wrongly, it’s impossible to avoid that sort of thing nowadays) but if I get a little bit of love too, maybe it’ll help. And who knows, maybe I’ll help someone too.

So stay tuned, world. As I say to myself everyday (sometimes as an affirmation, sometimes as a desperate wish)…

The best is yet to come. Stay you.